We currently offer three masters degree programs:

  • Demographic and Social Analysis, M.A.: Available as a stand alone program or as a step along the way to the Ph.D. for doctoral students in sociology, political science, and economics who wish to earn a master's degree first. Students interested in this degree are required to complete the standard set of five core and four elective courses. Advancement to candidacy for the DASA degree should be completed prior to Ph.D. advancement.
  • Medicine, Science, and Technology Studies, M.A.: Prepares students to respond to the significant and rapidly changing impact of medicine and technology upon economies and societies around the world. The M.A. in MSTS is available as a 1-year, stand-alone program or can be earned along with the Ph.D. by doctoral students in the social sciences or other UCI programs.
  • Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics, M.A.

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