1. I received an informal email offer of admission from the graduate program director in my department. When can I expect the formal admission offer?
All formal admission offers are made by the Dean of the School through the School's application tracker, GATS, typically during February and March. (admission offers are not made by individual faculty members or through email)
2. How long may I wait to accept my offer of admission?
The national acceptance deadline for graduate admission and financial support offers is April 15. However, early decisions are always welcomed.
3. May I defer acceptance from one year to the next?
Yes; occasionally students offered admission cannot come to campus for the academic year in which they are accepted. In such cases, the student may request admission deferral for one year (from fall to fall). These requests are typically approved, however, any offer of financial support cannot be deferred. When admission is deferred the student will be considered for funding when candidates are selected for admission in the following year.
4. How do I accept my admission offer?
Shortly after your offer arrives, you will receive from the Graduate Division email, instructions for accepting or declining admission. Students who accept are required to file an online Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and a statement of legal residence with the Registrar’s Office. Specific instructions will follow explaining these procedures.
5. I am an international student and I received my admission and financial support offers, but my visa documents have not yet arrived.
International students must apply for a visa to study in the US, specifically at UC Irvine. Amongst other things this involves demonstrating proof of financial support, at least for the first year of study. Instructions for applying for an F1 or J1 visa, as appropriate, are made available on-line every year and referenced in each candidate’s admission letter.
6. How do I get into on-campus housing?
All offers of Ph.D. admission include guaranteed placement in campus housing for at least five years from the time of first enrollment. Instructions for applying for guaranteed housing placement will be sent to students either with the admissions packet or shortly afterward. Although placement in on-campus housing is guaranteed, entering year students must still apply to participate in the program. The application deadline is May 1 for the following academic year (please visit the Campus Housing site for additional information).
7. When do I enroll?
Enrollment windows for entering students open in the summer, usually in mid-June. (Enrollment is a part of each quarter's registration process.)
8. What is involved with registering for classes?
Registration consists of two related steps--enrollment and fee payment--either of which may be done first, provided both are completed prior to the start of fall quarter. The Fall 2019 registration deadline will be September 15th. Instructions for accessing UCI's online registration system WebReg will be provided to entering students during Summer 2019.
9. How do I pay my fees?
Students receiving financial support will have their fees paid on their behalf as a benefit of employment (for teaching assistants and graduate student researchers), or with fellowship funds. Fee payment occurs as an internal on-campus financial transaction. Non-resident tuition for out of state students receiving financial support is covered in the same way. Students admitted without support are responsible for paying fees and tuition as an out of pocket expense.
10. When may I get a UCInet email account?
Instructions for activating your UCInet ID and setting up an email account will be available in the summer, usually in July.
11. When should I arrive on campus?
All students are advised to arrive on campus by mid- September, at least one week before the fall registration deadline; but your specific arrival time will be determined, in part, by the move-in date you are offered for on-campus housing. Some students may find it best to arrive as early as the first week in September. Others, especially students who need to locate off-campus housing, may want to arrive a week or two earlier. Others will prefer to arrive just before Welcome Week begins. (Economics students are required to attend the intensive math camp program during the first few weeks in September. They should plan to arrive no later than the end of August.)
12. How will I know what to expect when I arrive at UC Irvine?
On-line information for Social Sciences graduate students will be made available beginning in June, in answer to the questions most typically asked by entering-year graduate students. The School will hold an all-day academic orientation program during Welcome Week in late-September. (Campus-wide programs for all entering-year and international graduate students are held the week before Welcome Week.) Fall classes begin toward the end of September.
13. What other activities are held during Welcome Week?
In addition to the School's orientation program, a mandatory TA training program will be held on the Tuesday and Wednesday of Welcome Week.

Still have questions? Please let us know; contact us at socsci.gradinfo@uci.edu.


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