Successful UC Irvine Social Sciences NSF GRFP Proposals

This page contains links to seven successful NSF GRFP proposals from prior years. The fellowship recipients have agreed to share them with their colleagues in Social Sciences, but they are not for distribution, and all the files below have been password protected. If you are a Social Sciences student who is eligible for this award, you have been emailed the password. If you’ve lost it, please contact Associate Dean Saberi at These proposals have been partially redacted to protect the identities of the fellows, but the fellows recognize that in some cases, given the nature of the proposal essays, it will be possible to identify them nonetheless. We ask that you honor the fellowship recipients’ confidentiality.

All but one of the successful proposals contains each of the three required essay components: the personal statement, the statement of previous research experience, and the proposed plan of research. One, from LPS, also includes the NSF reviewers’ comments on the proposal, which may be useful to look at regardless of your discipline.

Please note that in turning these into Adobe PDF files, some of the original formatting has been lost, resulting in some cases in an additional page or other formatting issues. YOUR OWN PROPOSAL MUST ADHERE TO THE NSF GRFP FORMATTING GUIDELINES AND PAGE LIMITS. Please visit for more details.

Keywords have been listed in order to guide you to proposals that may be more relevant to your own particular discipline or research project, but do read several of the following examples in order to get a sense of what this application process entails.

Additional resources are available at the following websites:

GRFP Essay Insights

NSF GRFP Resources


**Mac Users**: Older versions of Safari have a hard time with these Adobe files. Please either update your browser or use another one (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

Proposals     keywords

Anthro 1                  human rights, law, Latin America, sexuality

Anthro 2                  transnationalism, second-generation immigrants, indigenous people

Anthro 3                  food sovereignty, nutrition transition, diabetes

Anthro 4                  war, rehabilitation, religion, Southeast Asia                        

Anthro 5                  poverty, finance, gender, Jamaica

Cog Sci 1                neuroimaging, Bayesian inference

LPS1                       quantum mechanics, information theory, game theory



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