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Responsible Conduct of Research
The School of Social Sciences is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in research. Research is central to the public mission of the University of California, and, since it serves the public interest, such research must proceed at every stage in accordance with longstanding and ever-evolving codes of ethical conduct. As Nicholas Steneck writes in his Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research, the “responsible conduct in research is simply good citizenship applied to professional life.” Learn more.

Human Subjects - Research projects that include human subjects need prior approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). This includes preliminary research and summer projects involving human subjects, as well as dissertation research. It also includes interviews, surveys, ethnographic projects, as well as laboratory work and experiments. When in doubt, talk to your advisor and/or contact the IRB. The IRB's Frequently Asked Questions are a good place to start. You will find some sample IRB submissions below.

Sample IRB protocols
fMRI investigation of sex hormone influences on emotion and memory - protocol, consent script
Mechanical Turk and jury simulation studies - protocol
Multitasking as a Collaborative System: Examining the Millennial Generation - protocol, consent script

Valerie Sanchez, IRC C Administrator, presentation to Social Sciences students, 9/24/12



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