Social Sciences Graduate Affairs Office

TThe Graduate Student Affairs Office is proud to support the research, teaching and service mission of the School of Social Sciences by providing a comprehensive range of educational-support services for prospective and enrolled students.

We are dedicated to the philosophy of achieving success by working cooperatively, with high-quality, responsive service to all. We serve as the School-level place of approval for all admission decisions, financial support and student employment matters. We're a resource, also, for funding opportunities for enrolled students. We play a coordinating role between central Administration, the Social Sciences graduate student population and the School's departments and programs.

The Graduate Office provides general educational counseling. You can count on us for knowledgeable advice and direction as you work toward completing degree requirements. We collaborate closely with faculty and administrative support staff in departments, so you can be assured that our information is consistent with policies and regulations in place in your academic unit. Chances are, any informational or procedural questions you might have--general or specific--can be answered by the Graduate Office staff.

Our doors are open; we encourage you to be in touch at any time by e-mail, telephone or in person. You will find us eager to help bring your academic plans to fruition.

Thank you for visiting. We would like to hear from you should questions or comments come to mind as you browse our web pages.


Associate Dean

Michael McBride

Administrative Staff

Matthew Arias
Jennifer Gerson
Gianna Virgilio

Graduate Program Directors

For specific academic questions, please contact the following appropriate members of the Social Sciences faculty:

Department of Anthropology

Valerie Olson (Enrolled Students)
Associate Professor of Anthropology
SBSG 3334

Damien Sojoyner (Graduate Admissions)
Associate Professor of Anthropology
SBSG 3546


Department of Cognitive Sciences

Joachim Vandekerckhove
Associate Professor of Cognitive Sciences
SBSG 2324

Demographic and Social Analysis (DASA) - M.A. only

David Schaefer
Associate Professor of Sociology
SBSG 4253


Department of Economics

Fabio Milani (Enrolled Students)
Associate Professor of Economics
SSPA 3145

John Duffy (Graduate Admissions)
Professor of Economics
SSP 3285


Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences

Louis Narens
Professor of Cognitive Sciences
SSPA 2177

Medicine, Science and Technology Studies (MSTS) - M.A. only

Damien Sojoyner
Associate Professor of Anthropology
SBSG 3546


Department of Logic & Philosophy of Science

Jeremy Heis (Enrolled Students)
Associate Professor of Logic & Philosophy of Science
SST 763

JB Manchak (Graduate Admissions)
Associate Professor of Logic & Philosophy of Science
SST 757


Department of Political Science

Kevin Olson (Enrolled Students)
Professor of Political Science
SSPB 5207

JB Manchak (Graduate Admissions)
Associate Professor of Political Science
SSPB 5285


Philosophy, Political Science and Economics - M.A. only

Cailin O'Connor
Associate Professor of Logic & Philosophy of Science
SST 793


Department of Sociology

Stanley Bailey (Enrolled Students)
Professor of Sociology
SSPA 4117

David Smith (Graduate Admissions)
Professor of Sociology
SSPB 5291



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