The UCI School of Social Sciences provides funding to admitted doctoral students through normative time to degree. Funding may take the form of teaching assistantships, graduate student researchships, or fellowships.


Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants assist the supervising faculty member by conducting discussion, laboratory or quiz sections that supplement faculty lectures. They assist in grading assignments or examinations, and may provide input into the development of assignments or exams, and hold office hours. Graduate students must complete the TA application process before each quarter they plan to work as a TA.


Graduate Student Researchships

Graduate student researchers are academically qualified and registered graduate students, enrolled full-time, who perform research related to his or her degree program in an academic department or research unit under the direction of a faculty member or authorized Principal Investigator. They may or may not collaborate in the publication of said research. GSR positions do not have an application process, but are part of a planned, documented and mutual agreement between the student and the faculty member.


Graduate Division Fellowships 

UC Irvine Graduate Division provides fellowships in varying amounts. Some internal fellowships require nominations from the student’s academic department. In this case, students will need to be aware of departmental deadlines which are usually earlier than that of the Graduate Division. It is the student’s responsibility to contact his or her department/school for departmental deadlines. Please note that most of these awards have specific eligibility requirements.


Campuswide Honors Collegium Graduate Fellows
UCI’s Campuswide Honors Collegium (CHC) invites interested and qualified UCI graduate students to apply for a Graduate Fellow (GF) position. GFs will serve a minimum of two quarters in this position, although extending the term of employment beyond two quarters is preferred and will be determined upon evaluation of the first quarter’s work. CHC GFs will hold office hours in the CHC Office and advise students who are embarking on undergraduate research about the benefits of research experience, the research process, finding a faculty advisor, etc. GFs will also develop related co-curricular programs and workshops for CHC students. GFs will receive training on the CHC’s research/thesis requirement, UCI/CHC research resources, University undergraduate support services, University technologies, etc.


Need-Based Financial Aid

Apply for need-based financial aid (grants and loans) through the UC Irvine Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships; application process begins with the FAFSA.



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